About Verbl

All Verbl apps are created by me, Ben Smith. I am a speech pathologist working in Melbourne, Australia.

Interested in the use of technology for the assessment and treatment of communication disability, I write these apps in my spare time.


Always improving

I developed these apps in response to everyday challenges in my work and am constantly revisiting to see how the technology can be improved to save time and deliver better results.

Whole patient care

Verbl apps are designed to consider the needs of the whole patient and contain features to assist patients with physical as well as language impairments.

No gimmicks

Verbl was created to meet the needs of my colleagues and patients. I want them to be simple, inexpensive and most importantly easy to use.

Here to help

Get in touch! I’d love to hear about how you’re finding the apps, what can be improved and answer any questions that you might have.