Pacing Board

Traditional wood and paper pacing boards are often used to treat hypokinetic dysarthria, apraxia of speech, and stuttering. The user taps one button for each word or syllable, with tiles changing colour in sequence without needing to actually tap the correct button. Ideal for individuals with fine motor impairments. This app adds a number of handy high-tech features to the traditional pacing board.

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    Multiple board layouts

    Includes “traffic lights” (3-6 syllables), a smiley grid (for conversation) and a 6-panel red dot strip.

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    Configurable pacing

    Buttons change when tapped with configurable delay time for when a slower rate is required. Adjustable metronome for auditory cueing.

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    Hands-free mode

    Buttons flip in sync with the metronome, Ideal for patients with hemiplegia, hypokinetic movements or other physical issues.