Fluency calculator

Fluency Calc is a powerful fluency assessment app, designed to collect the maximum amount of clinically useful information while remaining intuitive to use. Stop using a calculator for your fluency assessments and get a tool that does the work for you!

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    Customise for your patients

    8 types of trackable dysfluency, adjustable during or after the assessment process.

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    Flexible and practical

    A flexible timer operating independently of syllable collection, allowing you to pause without disrupting the rating process.

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    Ready-made reports

    Emails a full report to any address

Set the timer to auto-start and auto-pause with syllable collection. Collect syllables for as long or as short an amount of time as you want!

Automatic, real-time calculation of percent syllables stuttered, syllables per minute, syllables per second and speech rate

Dual calculation modes allowing the clinician to rate syllables in real-time or to count syllables first, then add dysfluencies (when using an audio or video recording)

The Flency Calc Pocket Edition packs many of the features of the original iPad app into a pocket mobile form.

Four different types of trackable dysfluency.

Due to screen size limitations, this app is recommended for iPhone models 5 and up.